Flewelling and Moody
Clients / Julius Corsini Elementary School

Desert Hot Springs, CA.


The project scope of work consisted of modernization work to the administration building, kindergarten building, new construction of 2 modular classroom buildings, a new modular library, re-grading of the site, relocation of the hard court play areas, re-design of the staff parking, bus drop-off, and parents drop-off/pick up.

At Palm Springs Unified’s Corsini Elementary School Modernization, Flewelling & Moody’s design team formed a site-based planning group to discuss and exchange ideas for the reconfiguration and re-design of the entire campus. The group was asked to address existing on- and off-site safety concerns, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, replacement of all classroom buildings and re-design of the hard court play areas. The site-based Planning group was composed of District administration, maintenance & operations, facilities planning, site administration, selected faculty, volunteers, and parents from the community.

To document the entire process, timelines, design options and meeting minutes were all made available on a website specific to the project. This allowed students, staff, District administration, site administration and the community to access the information and track progress. This method allowed us to effectively solicit input from community members, identify and address off-site safety issues and refine a design solution acceptable to all end users.

Completed: 2008 (3 phases)
Project Cost: $6,300,000