Flewelling and Moody
Clients / Juan De Anza Elementary School

Hawthorne, CA.


It was the district’s goal to create a “quality facility”– one that offers state-of-the-art technology, as well as a positive, nurturing learning environment. The design accommodates future learning methods and encourages interaction between students, educators, parents and the general community.

Educational program requirements were met by creating a variety of learning spaces, including exterior patio and courtyard areas, a full childcare facility, and a media center. A centrally located technology room serves as the hub of an extensive network accessible to all classrooms via the teacher workstation. The flexible technology package was created to accommodate advanced systems and future technology.

The multi-purpose room, planned for after-hours and community use, is easily accessible – skewed at a 45 degree angle, and located at the northwest corner of the site where it receives maximum visibility. The PTA/community room and restroom facilities are placed adjacent to the multi-purpose building allowing ease of accessibility.

Completed: 2002
Project Cost: $11,200,000