Flewelling and Moody

Fisher Art Gallery

University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California

Conforming in spirit with the other buildings on the USC campus, Mudd Hall possesses a number of distinctive features, the most striking being the 140-foot tower that stands at one corner of a rectangular courtyard.

The building, built in 1930, was devoted entirely to housing the offices, classrooms, seminar rooms and lecture halls of USC’s department of philosophy. Hoose Library is also part of the hall, housing more than 200,000 volumes.

The building donation was provided by Colonel Seeley W. Mudd and totaled approximately $265,000.

The Fisher Gallery of Art lies adjacent to Mudd Hall, along Exposition Boulevard. This building is still used as an exhibition hall for the fine arts students. bordered on each side by five stained glass windows which are forty feet high. Double glazed windows lend great color value to the light and make the air conditioning more effective as well.

Completed: 1934