Flewelling and Moody

1928 - Present

Flewelling and Moody, Inc. is a California Corporation founded by Ralph Carlin Flewelling in 1928 in Los Angeles. Some of Flewelling’s most noteworthy designs include the Beverly Hills Post Office, USC’s Seeley W. Mudd Memorial Hall of Philosophy, and Caltech’s Millikan Memorial Library.

During the post-war “baby boom,” the Firm emerged as one of six Southern California companies specializing in architectural design for public schools and higher education facilities. Ralph Hunter Flewelling, son of Ralph Carlin, took on the leadership of the Firm from 1965 to 1995. The Firm continues to focus on the values initiated by the Flewellings: Innovative Design, Integrity, and value.

Today, Flewelling and Moody offers a full range of architectural, engineering and planning services. We maintain fully staffed offices in Los Angeles and Lancaster, CA and strive to be client centric.